Summer Farsi classes

Summer classes begin June 29th until August 31st

. Summer classes will give students the opportunity to jump ahead or fall behind if unattended. Tuition is $270, days taken off for vacation ahead of time will be adjusted as well. For registration stop by the front desk.








Art classes

Art classes with Miss Sanaz Farshi will be available on Saturdays from 3-4pm and Sundays 11-12:00. It will take place in the school. Tuition is $150 for 10 sessions. Sunday classes will begin June 15th,2019.










Dance Classes:

Dance classes will be held at the Vienna Community Center for students and adults beginning July 13th adult classes (7 and up) Instructed by Ms. Khatoon, An esteemed member of Silk Road Dance Company. In these classes all dance techniques will be taught from traditional Persian dance meanwhile providing a suitable form of exercise. Also, students’ classes will serve as rehearsals for their performance in the Mehregan Celebratory Festival. Please contact the front office for registration. (classes must consist of a minimum of 5 students to take place).








Piano Class

The new piano class under the expertise of Miss Anahita Khorsandi, our school piano instructor will take place at our school every day of the week, offering both group and private classes, ages 5 and up. Anahita, has established Ava’s Music School, offering many instruments and lessons for interested students.







Holidays and days off will be posted under calendar on the school website. Students will not be charged on Holidays. Snow days will also be emailed out and a makeup class will be scheduled to catch up. We do not follow all the Holidays and breaks of Fairfax County Public Schools.

Credit Exams for World Language

Students who have reached a higher level in Farsi reading and writing skills are encouraged to test for their language credits which will set them ahead in the long run. Counting for both high school and college credits in their future.

New Curriculum

Other than workbooks and worksheets, Students will delve into learning about culture and geography along with new curriculum, Teachers will spend the last 40 minutes of class working on this new curriculum every week.

Break down of our 3-hour schedule

9-10:15   Focus on Reading and Writing

10:15-10:45 Break Time and Pizza

10:45 -11:15  Speaking

11:15- 12:00  Story Time and working on New curriculum


The school has 12 highly educated and well experienced teachers which are all prepared for this new academic year. Mrs. Asieh Adil Soltani, school principal, and Sarah Kolyani assistants are at your service anytime of the school day.

Hours of Operation

The school is open everyday from 11:00-3 and Saturdays from 9:00-6:00. You can reach us by phone anytime of the week at (703)608-3316 or (703)255-4726.




On the 13th class in the semester students will test on all the curriculum they have covered through the semester and given a report card to record their scores.

Updated Facilities

We have redesigned our office and classrooms to become a cleaner and more studious environment for us all. From Kindergarten till 7th grade our educational committee has placed new storybooks, history books and other textbooks specific to their levels in their classrooms. Which students will have access to and if they would like to, they may sign out and borrow the books to continue studying at home.